New York City Is Calling You!!!

?? ? ? ? ? ??New York, “the big apple, the city that never sleeps.” ?New York city has been a legendary city since its heydays, the port to America, the symbol of the New World. ?The place for making dreams come true. ?It is debatable whether it is the people or the place that makes NYC the unique iconic city that it has become. ?After all, there is only one New York which offers us unique experiences which we can’t have in other cities.

Here are my suggestions of day and night activities. ? I have limited these activities to NYC. ?New York is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. ?Manhattan and NYC (New York City) are the same. ?The Subway trains in NY take you to all the five boroughs. ?It is good to know the street numbers increase from south to north and the avenue numbers increase from east to west. ?This information comes very handy if you are coming out of a subway station in the dead of winter so you don’t have to go in the wrong direction! ?So keep this in mind as you’re getting out of the subway station to find your address.

Now without any further a due, here are my suggestions of things to do in NYC.

Day 1

Stroll along 5th Avenue from 45th and up to 58th to see many attractions and fashionable shops: ?Saks Fifth Avenue,?Rockefeller Center,?St Patrick Cathedral church, this is where John F Kennedy and Jackie got married and where all the Kennedys funeral ceremonies were held. They have daily masses and it’s quite majestic and awe inspiring both inside and outside the architecture of the building. Along the way you will see many designer fashion houses and flagship stores and sporting goods such as Nike and others. ?Don’t forget to check?Trump Tower?building a very handsome building with restaurants inside. ?Around 59th and 5th is?Bergdorf Goodman a very fashionable department store. Close to it, you will find Tiffany. ?This is where the movie, Breakfast in Tiffany was filmed with Audrey Hepburn.?Close by there are nice restaurants, hangout hotels, namely Plaza Hotel which is owned by Ivana Trump. ?This is also the beginning of Central Park which is always very crowded.

Take a stroll through Central Park. ?You need to have a Subway Map which is also the map of NYC. ?Your entry at 59th and 5th Avenue is the eastern part of the city. ?Central Park is a huge park with paths that connect east to west and south to north and vice versa. ?Inside the Central Park is a zoo, a rather small zoo without admission cost. ?You can rent bikes to stroll through the park or ride a horse carriage which is very charming and very touristy. ?I found out the restaurant Tavern On the Green has been closed for good. What a bummer! ?But you can visit the site. ?I read it has become a site for commercial, touristy stuff.

Stroll through the park to the west side to see the Columbus Circle and Time Warner attraction, mall, and restaurant to shop, eat, and relax. ?The top of Time Warner offers spectacular sightseeing and picture opportunities.

Stroll through Time Square to see the neon lights and billboards and the crowd. ?There is always some spectacle going on. ? Next, go to the Empire State building located in Midtown Manhattan around 44th street or so. ?Take the elevator to the top floors named for the Observatory level. ?You need to buy the tickets at lobby. ? There are two observatory levels and each offer the most magnificent views of NYC, harbor, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. ?I really recommend this. ?There are other events at the Empire State for which you need to buy tickets and are interesting. ??It is worth mentioning the top of Empire State has been the site for many movies along the classics such as “Meet you on top of the Empire State” and ?”Sleepless in Seattle’.

You can also go to the Top of Rock (Rockefeller Plaza) and see the most amazing views of the city. ?Rockefeller Plaza isn’t far away from the Empire State. ?You can take a cab or take Subway. ? Subway map marks all the sightseeing with connecting trains to take.

Day 2

1. Metropolitan Art Museum is located in the uptown of NY. ?This is the biggest and most elaborate museum in NY and if you can only go to one museum, this is it. The museum staff is very helpful in guiding you and your family (party) with regard to your interest and time constraint which exhibitions to see. ?There is a spectacular roof top garden with breathtaking views of the city and a great restaurant to eat and relax.

2. Take Subway and head toward Wall Street. ?You can walk through the Wall Street and head toward Sea Port. ?This is like the Fisherman’s Wharf in SF. ?You will see the ocean cruisers and shops and restaurants. ?There you will see a mall where you can eat and go to the deck to see the most spectacular views of Brooklyn Bridge.

Day 3

Take the Subway to?Grand Central Station?which you must’ve seen it in many movies. ?Outside the Grand Central station is the famous Helmsley Hotel which you may want to see it. ? Broadway Shows and Off Broadway Shows.

Soho— is the popular place among artists and for yuppies and young people. ?It’s the center of art, entertainment and nightlife and dining. ?It’s also called?Greenwich Village,where many artists (affluent ) have condos and apartments.

Chelsea neighborhood is a good area for food and entertainment.


Day 4


New York City Freedom Tour–? A boat ride takes you to Ground Zero Museum, the site devoted to the memory of the tragedy of 9/11, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.


For more fun stuff in NYC, please click on this link.


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