Humanities 5 – World Humanities

This course explores the cultural values of three non-Western cultures: Iran, China, and India through interdisciplinary study of history, literature, architecture, visual art, religion, novel, and film.? The course is divided into three sections.? We study the important aspects of the past and present in a chronological and thematic format in order to understand the inherent cultural values within each culture as well as the interconnection between these cultures and their contribution to the Western culture.

At the end of each section, students will be able to analyze the dominant cultural themes, the quest for modernity and independence within each culture as the result of Colonialism (India) and Revolution (Iran and China).? Furthermore, students will be able to compare and contrast the themes from this course with their own contemporary values.

This course will enable students to develop a global perspective and a basic understanding for the current issues in the cultures studied.

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